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Yacht services

Our laundry is specialized in services reserved for private, charter yachts, and more.
For your convenience we guarantee pick-up and delivery at any moment, according to your arrival and departure times, from early morning to late evening. We regularly cover all the marinas of the Côte d'Azur with same day service. We are dedicated to your boat, including regular water washing (laundry), dry cleaning (sportswear and classic clothes), washing whites (pillowcases, sheets), dining room linen (tablecloths, napkins, dishcloths...), bathroom and beachwear (bathrobes, towels of any size including beach towels). We also clean curtains, awnings and interior textiles of your boat (beds, sofa beds, couches...), including dismantling and assembly, while ensuring the utmost care for the finest fabrics (silk, suede...). We also offer an extensive insurance coverage for our washes.

Sailing Yacht


Simple shirt
Tee shirt
Large sheet
Fitted sheet
Large fitted sheet
Duvet cover
Large duvet cover
Pillow case
Terry towel
Big terry towel
Very Big terry towel

Dry cleaning

Dress (from)
Simple skirt
Trousers / pants
Sport jacket

Minimum prices for a single article, expressed in Euros ().

Heat saving system
We use the waste heat of our dry cleaning machines to preheat the wash water.Clever Yeah? 8)

Our highly specialized services include our longstanding tradition, experience and quality in the care, cleaning stain removal and ironing of your clothes, those of your crew, your guests or your clients. We can handle all types of clothes form work clothes, to dress clothes and high quality clothes. Our services are offered even at night and during holidays. We also would like to point out our traditional services:


Dry cleaning is the most efficient method to obtain a perfect result in cleaning your quality cloche while maintaining their shape, quality and freshness. By giving us your clothes you may rest assured of a job done with the best washing technologies on the market. We use BÖWE high end computer controlled machines and highly experienced cleaners to perfectly match the wash cycle to the type of clothes, we distill the solvent at each single washing and we check with accuracy the various accessories that are sewn or glued, before and after the wash cycle. Before washing we prepare your favorite clothes with the appropriate highest quality stain removers with the highest professionalism. Finally, we complete the service by ironing and starching your clothes with the highest care and attention and we pack them individually for delivery.

Dry cleaning

If your clothes and articles are very dirty or if they present water based stains, normal dry cleaning might not be sufficient to perfectly clean it… hence, we can offer you our wet cleaning service. Wet cleaning differs from the normal water wash since it can be used even on clothes that, up until a short time ago, could only be exclusively cleaned by dry cleaning. Wet cleaning is an ecological modern washing system and is highly efficient only if performed by competent cleaners who use high quality washers and dryers like ours. The biodegradable detergents used in wet cleaning and a minimal mechanical movement on the textiles, will guarantee you the perfect conservation of colour, shape and volume of your clothes.

Wet cleaning
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